Rakel and Afire Bey V

Rakel with 28 year old, Afire Bey V

I've been involved with Arabian horses for most of my life, and while my work isn't directly related to the horses themselves, the best part of my job is that it enables me to experience the joy and fulfillment these beautiful horses bring to my clients' lives. Having never been one to enjoy the spotlight or the competition of the show ring, I prefer to spend most of my time with our horses outside of the ring. If I'm not working on design material or spending time with my horses or the people I love, I'm usually nerding out on something horse-related like looking up records on DataSource or reading articles and researching bloodlines in a room full of old Arabian horse magazines and yearbooks dating back to the 1950's, which were given to me by my good friend, Lynne Miller of Acacia Arabians.


In 2012 I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Web Development and in 2014 I plan to return to school to pursue a Master's Degree in Communication Management.

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Dedicated to "Oliver," a very sweet and special boy, gone too soon and whose memory serves as a constant reminder of why I love doing this: for the infinite happiness our horses give us and the endless hope, mysticism, and wonder they represent to those of us who are lucky enough to love them. May we never let them down or take a single moment spent in their presence for granted.


Bravo BMA ♥
03.27.2009 - 07.18.2013



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